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Andrea Mitchell’s report was so egregious that Brian Kilmeade actually had to stop an fix it for her

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NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell has a case of the sads over President Donald Trump making an early exit from the G7 summit in Quebec.

Editorializing instead of reporting, Mitchell took to Twitter to speculate on why the president left before the meeting was complete, utilizing the hashtag “#sad,” which prompted a response from Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade to help enlighten the liberal journalist.

“White House announces @realDonaldTrump will leave G7 4 hours earlier than scheduled,” Mitchell said in a tweet, “before the end of the meeting – reflection of U.S. desire to spend minimum amount of time at hostile meeting with America’s (formerly) friendliest allies #sad.” 

Kilmeade offered a more realistic theory on the president’s hasty departure — we’re talking four hours.

“Or he has to get to Singapore for an unprecedented summit w/ an emerging nuclear power who is a founding member of the axis of evil,” the Fox News host tweeted.

The US–North Korea summit is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 12, at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Here’s a sampling of reactions to Mitchell’s overriding desire to criticize Trump — see blood lust; Trump Derangement Syndrome — and Kilmeade’s helpful redirection from Twitter:





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