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Sanders and Cuomo spar one-on-one and it’s every bit as fiery as their pressers. Maybe, more

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In what was often a fiery interview, hard-nosed White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, not one to suffer fools, locked horns with CNN liberal anchor Chris Cuomo and it wasn’t pretty.

Cuomo tried and failed to get Sanders on the record on recent reports that President Donald Trump dictated a statement released by his son, Donald Trump Jr., about his 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower — Sanders had previously said the president did not dictate the statement.

Staying consistent in her response to the inquiry, which she has faced multiple times since the New York Times reported over the weekend that a confidential letter —  which the newspaper just happened to acquire a copy of — sent by Trump’s legal team to special counsel Robert Mueller said the president did dictate the statement, Sanders directed Cuomo to the outside counsel.

This set up an intense exchange as the interview drew to a close.

Cuomo asked Sanders if she was happy in her job and if she was”okay” with how she was doing the job.

“I am,” she replied, before getting a cheap shot in on the anti-Trump network.

“Even in moments when I come on CNN, because I love our country,” Sanders added. “I think the president’s doing a tremendous job. And we are, I think, moving the ball down the field in a way that it hasn’t been done in a long time.”

When she said the country is moving in the right direction and that “a lot of great things are going to take place over the next 6 1/2 years,” Cuomo’s zealotry got the better of him.

“Do you believe that this is sustainable?” he asked. “This dynamic where we come at you with questions about what’s true and what isn’t, and those questions don’t get answered.

“Do you think that by saying, ‘We stink,’ that we don’t like veterans, that we are bad for America, the president says we are enemies of America, do you think that works for you long-term?”

Sanders told him that while the media gets to ask the questions, they “can’t always complain about the answers,” noting that they ask the same question over and over, expecting different answers.

“That’s the job,” the CNN anchor shot back.

But Sanders wasn’t finished with her tongue lashing… or educating Cuomo on just what his job is.

“And get mad when the answers don’t change,” she continued. “No, the job is to get information and report the news. Unfortunately, you guys quit reporting the news.”


“When I can read a news story and I have no idea what side of the story the reporter is on, that’s a good news story,” Sanders concluded. “You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of news that looks like that.”

Without realizing it, Cuomo acknowledged the bias against this administration when he talked about how a story is not always “evenhanded. That one side isn’t more right than other.”

“The news isn’t an opinion,” Sanders corrected the CNN host, who lost sight of the fact that the media is not the arbiter of what is right or wrong.

Nevertheless, Cuomo insisted the criticism Trump directs at the press results in added scrutiny — as if the scrutiny wasn’t already there.

You can watch Sanders and Cuomo spar over “credibility” below:

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