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Senior editor floats hypothetical on why Melania was ‘missing’ that’s so disturbing, FLOTUS’ office fires back

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Just when you thought the liberal media couldn’t go lower, someone emerges to lower the bar.

Melania attends a Gold Star event at the White House on Monday to honor America’s fallen heroes.

David Frum, senior editor of the Atlantic had the nerve to float a despicable hypothetical about President Donald Trump and first Lady Melania.

After weeks of media speculation circulating around Melania Trump’s disappearance from the public-eye after having a routine kidney surgery, Frum launched the notion that perhaps, she was beaten by her husband.

Frum took aim at Trump and his lawyer Jay Sekulow and former attorney John Dowd by trying to frame the “what-if” theory as a way to explain his reasoning about “obstruction of justice” – something the Democrats and their media minions have been trying to nail the president on throughout Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian “collusion.”

But, Frum knew exactly what he was doing and his liberal cohorts took the theory and ran with it like giddy school children.

It took about 30 seconds for the tweet to turn into… maybe, Melania was murdered by the president:

The office of the First Lady got wind of the despicable tweet and quickly condemned it. “I think that tweet is disgusting on many different levels,” Melania’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham told Breitbart News.

And Frum’s tweet didn’t go without taking a quite a well-deserved few lumps from conservatives:



Melania Trump made her first public appearance since her surgery three days after Frum’s sick tweet where she attended a ceremony to honor fallen heroes.

Perhaps, Frum’s free time could be better spent doing something meaningful, like honoring fallen heroes, instead of concocting crackpot fantasies about the President.


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