MSNBC spin masters turn segment on Bill Clinton’s ‘MeToo’ remarks into commentary on Trump

Leave it to the liberal media to take an interview of and about Bill Clinton and make it all about bashing President Trump instead.

MSNBC took time to look into the former president’s remarks in an interview Monday about the #MeToo movement and his scandalous affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinksy. But MSNBC host Craig Melvin and his guest Elise Jordan found the pressing topic for the segment needed to be a comparison of the former and current presidents.

Airing several video clips with reactions to Clinton essentially playing the victim during the interview, and managing “to make the #MeToo movement about himself,” the videos all also seemed to compare Clinton’s “strategy” to that of Trump.

Melvin commented on the final clip noting it was “striking” that former Clinton administration press secretary Joe Lockhart “used President Clinton and Donald Trump in the same sentence.”

“Is there any comparison to be made, at least between the two, when you look at their response[s] to allegations like this?” Melvin asked Jordan, former aide to George W. Bush, who said there “absolutely” was a connection between Clinton and Trump.

“Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are obsessed with their own sense of victimhood. Bill Clinton this morning — it was all about him, and the many ways that he had been wronged, ” Jordan said.

“You cut to today and current Donald Trump and politics, and it’s all about Donald Trump constantly being the victim and never being accountable for his actions,” she added.

“I think that it’s a disturbing trend that has really infected our politics that people cannot take accountability for their actions and apologize,” Jordan said.

Frieda Powers


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