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Bloody blows as Antifa clashes with Patriot Prayer rally, thugs attack cops

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Violent Antifa “activists” squared off Sunday with those attending a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon, and in a repeat of what was seen a year ago, the two sides clashed repeatedly.

The rally was led by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson — the provocative group is described as being far right — and took place near City Hall, The Oregonian reported. A dueling demonstration was taking place at the same time, with black-clad Antifa combatants attending. Antifa claims they are antifascists, while exhibiting fascist behavior.

KPTV reporter Kandra Kent posted a photo of some of the Patriot Prayer supporters on Twitter.

“Here’s a handful of Patriot Prayer here. There’s a few more standing outside the plaza. Most didn’t want to be interviewed. One man says they are here to celebrate freedom of speech and see a friend off who is moving out of the area,” the reporter tweeted.

Despite last year’s clashes, the Portland Police Department seemed more concerned about “the right to assemble” than keeping the two sides apart.

But they did take time to encourage people “to leave the area for their safety due to the violent behavior of demonstrators.”

Antifa openly burned the American flag as police look on, as seen below:

The violence would eventually be directed at police, as seen in a tweet from the Portland Police Department.

“Officers continue to observe people participating in violent behavior. Weapons have been confiscated from protesters. Fireworks and bottles have been thrown at officers and participants,” the tweet stated.

As for the violent behavior, here’s a sampling from Twitter:

Here are additional videos of the clashes and the eventual police intervention that resulted in several arrests.

Tom Tillison


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