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Bill Clinton says Trump would face impeachment if he were a Dem, but black Obama could do no wrong

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President Trump would beg to differ but Bill Clinton thinks the 45th president has gotten special treatment while in office.

In fact, the former president thinks if Trump were a Democrat, he would already be facing impeachment.

Clinton’s comments came in response to a question during an interview that aired on “CBS Sunday Morning” about whether he thought the press has been fair to Trump amid the ongoing Russia probe.

“I think they have tried, by in large, to cover this investigation based on the facts,” Clinton told Mo Rocca, noting that it would be a different scenario if “roles were reversed.”

“If there were a Democratic president and these facts were present, most people I know in Washington believe impeachment hearings would have begun already, and most people I know believe that the press would have been that hard or harder,” Clinton said.

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Rocca noted that Trump supporters claim the press “slobbered all over President Obama” and is harder on Trump.

“He could do no wrong and this guy can do no right. What gives?” Rocca said.

“They did treat him differently than other Democrats and Republicans,” Clinton acknowledged. “They liked him and they liked having the first African-American president and he was a good president, I think.”

Clinton added that he does not agree with Trump’s “assessment of his service,” referring to Obama.

The interview, conducted alongside author James Patterson with whom Clinton has co-written a new novel, then turned to the “rhetorical style” of Trump’s communication as Rocca cited the president’s tweets and names he has bestowed on others, including “crooked Hillary.”

“I don’t like all this. I couldn’t be elected to anything now because I just don’t like embarrassing people,” Clinton declared. “My mother would have whipped me five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time bad-mouthing people like this.”

That was all the set up that was needed for Twitter.

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