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Obama puts a screeching halt to press meltdown over Trump’s ‘deeply suspect, unprecedented’ jobs tweet

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President Trump triggered the liberal media with his tweet teasing the May jobs report which was released Friday.

Ahead of the expected report release, the president said he was “looking forward” to seeing the numbers Friday morning, a move that sent the media into hysteria over what they claimed was unprecedented presidential behavior.

An MSNBC panel blasted Trump for his  “deeply suspect” and “unprecedented” tweet while CNN’s John King joined the media circus trying to negatively spin the report which showed low unemployment and better-than-expected job growth.

In fact, King issued a challenge after declaring “there is no excuse for what the president did today.”

“I dare you, go back and look, ” King said speaking to a CNN panel gathered Friday to discuss Trump’s tweet. “Find a president of the United States talking about, tweeting about, communicating about the unemployment report before it came out.”

Though none of King’s liberal panelists offered any journalistic skills in response, his wish was soon granted via the Republican National Committee which posted multiple examples of a president touting the monthly Jobs report.

Wonder where King and the rest of the media were during the eight years former President Obama was in office.

Instead, the CNN panel spent the rest of the segment blasting the president and asking if he “called any of his rich friends” to tip them off about the report numbers.

The glaring media bias could not be more obvious and social media users were happy to point out the brutal truth to CNN and others in the mainstream media.

Frieda Powers


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