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Liberal pastor, Bishop Swan, calls Candace Owens a ‘coon’ – but he’s anti-Trump so he’ll keep his job

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It seems the liberals’ double standard extends even out to their men of God.

An American pastor in Canada has not been banned, boycotted or attacked by the left for taking a shot at “Trumpkins supremacists, skinheads, and klansmen,” in a morning tweet with the hashtag #SaturdayMotivation.

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Bishop Talbert W. Swan, II, a native of Springfield, Mass. who describes himself as a “Husband l Dad l GrandDad l Pastor l Activist l Author l Talk Show Host l Chaplain” on his Twitter account, fired off the offensive tweet Saturday, announcing his need to “grab my can of Raid!!”

Swan, who was installed as pastor of Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ in 2009, did get some backlash for his outrageous remarks and sparked heated debate on Twitter.

One Twitter user calling out the so-called man of God suggested he look up conservative commentator, and President Trump supporter, Candace Owens.

The bishop fired back with another insult.

Still not a sound from the racism-detectors who torched Roseanne Barr for a tweet that cost her job. But Twitter’s General Deplorable was not letting the bishop off so lightly.

Serving his fourth term as Springfield’s NAACP President, Swan is a civil rights and police reform advocate whose Twitter account is filled with anti-Trump posts.

He was anything but what is preached from a Sunday morning pulpit on his Twitter tirade after facing backlash for his racist commentary.

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