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First Lady’s office defends Ivanka AND common decency; blasts relentless ‘double standard’

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The office of first lady Melania Trump spoke out against Samantha Bee and her profane rant against Ivanka Trump, calling out the “astounding” double standard.

Stephanie Grisham, the official spokeswoman for the first lady, gave The Daily Caller a statement about the TBS comedian who has come under fire for referring to President Donald Trump’s daughter as a “feckless c***” during her “Full Frontal” show on Wednesday.

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“The double standard is truly astounding,” Grisham told TheDC. “Time and again the Trump family and members of this Administration are subjected to false reporting, hateful rhetoric and outrageous lies all in the name of freedom of speech or comedy, yet the mainstream media stays silent.”

Advertisers on the TBS show have begun to sever ties with the network in the wake of Bee’s disgusting attack. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders blasted Bee’s “vile and vicious” language and called for TBS – a Turner Broadcasting company, which also owns CNN – to take action.

“The language used by Samantha Bee last night is vile and vicious. The collective silence by the left and its media allies is appalling,” Sanders said.

Bee eventually apologized.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka Trump and to my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night,” she said in a statement on Twitter. “It was inappropriate and inexcusable. I crossed a line, and I deeply regret it.”

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But the network has taken no action, continuing to look the other way in the wake of ABC cancelling the “Roseanne” show after its star tweeted what many condemned as a racist comment about former President Barack Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Donald Trump Jr. also slammed the media’s double standard, asking in a tweet if the Obama women would have been treated this way.

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