Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro spar over Kim Kardashian WH visit, until one takes it a tad too far

Whoa! Did Ben Shapiro bite off more than he could chew in an exchange with rising star Candace Owens in responding to a photo of Kim Kardashian posing in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump?

The reality TV star met Wednesday afternoon with the president and other officials, including senior adviser Jared Kushner, to discuss prison reform.

Trump tweeted a photo of a stoic Kardashian, dressed in all black, standing next to him at his desk.

“Great meeting with @KimKardashian today,” the caption said, “talked about prison reform and sentencing.”

Shapiro responded to the photo: “Celebrity worship is stupid, whether it’s being done by Obama or Trump.”

Which prompted Owens, the communications director for the conservative student group Turning Point USA, to join in to praise Kardashian for her involvement in an issue that’s important to the black community. And defend Trump.

“Kim has been working tirelessly to get a black woman pardoned from prison. He is not “worshipping” a celebrity, he is working with an American who is dedicated to prison reform in the black community,” she tweeted in response to Shapiro.

And that’s where Shaprio should have left things… but he didn’t.

“Candace, I ripped Obama consistently for using celebrities as “experts” on topics various and sundry. The standard doesn’t change because the president is Trump,” he replied.

The dialogue continued into the night, with Owens offering an explanation of what Kim Kardashian is doing, asking Shapiro “is there something more noble she should be doing w/ her platform?”

The founder and editor of the Daily Wire came back to say he wasn’t questioning Kardashian’s motivation, but the photo-op.

“This isn’t particularly complicated,” he felt compelled to add.

And, Katie bar the door, because Owens came back swinging! And did she ever put Shapiro in his place:

1) Don’t talk down to me. Ever again.
2) This was not a photo-op. The POTUS takes a pic w/ every person that he meets with in the Oval Office.
3)You have a way of complicating everything in an effort to be right about things that simply don’t matter.
4) It’s getting old.

As one social media user noted: “Whoa! It’s not often that @benshapiro gets owned. But @RealCandaceO did it.”

In the end, Mary Katharine Ham had the prefect analogy of the Trump-Kardashian photograph that turned so many worlds upside down.

“It was a big day in the politics of mind f**kery,” tweeted the conservative political commentator.

Tom Tillison


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