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Posh $1,245 ‘t-shirt shirt’ confounds … well, everyone. Yep, now we see the problem.

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Posh brand Balenciaga’s new 2018 fall line for men includes an item that has many people on social media scratching their heads.

The “T-Shirt” shirt, as they call it, is everything the name suggests and more, it’s a blue tee with a checkered blue long sleeve dress shirt hanging from the front of it, for those of us who are out enjoying a casual encounter and suddenly need to dress to impress.


If you’re daring enough to push your fashion boundaries, this bizarre shirt will only set you back $1,290 bucks.


Fashion enthusiasts on Twitter were less than impressed with this new design.

Some thought now was the time to show they had better fashion sense than the designers at Balenciaga.

Others went as far as telling the company to hire new designers.

This isn’t the first time this company has tried to push the fashion ceiling higher, they recently released a $2,139 tote bag that oddly resembles an IKEA 40p shopping bag.



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