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Chuck Todd: ‘NFL picked white consumer over black consumer.’ So only whites are patriotic?

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MSNBC’s’ Chuck Todd posited his inane take on the NFL’s new national anthem policy by making it about race.

Todd declared that the league’s new policy in the face of long-standing controversy over players kneeling during the national anthem is an example of siding with “white consumers” over “black consumers.”

The NFL announced last week that players will be required to stand if they choose to be on the field or else remain in the locker room during the anthem.

Todd raised his point in a discussion on race with fellow anchor Joy Reid on “Meet the Press Daily” on Tuesday.

“The NFL made a decision — now, it has to do with the anthem, but it splits along racial lines,” Todd said. “They picked the white consumer over the black consumer.”

“It’s the one corporation that seemed to pick one set of consumers over another like that. Why?” he asked.

“They’re in a unique position. They have a 70 percent black player base but they have an overwhelmingly white audience base in those stadiums buying those tickets,” Reid said.

So they have to have one audience competing against another,” Reid argued.  “They can’t make it without their marquee players – many of whom are black – but they can’t survive financially without that audience which is overwhelmingly white.”

The anchors were mocked for the “ignoramus statement” on Twitter.

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