Sharyl Attkisson’s takes fiery shots at relationship between ‘Deep State’ actors and their media minions

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson called out the unethical relationship between the “Deep State” and the media in a few damning tweets over the weekend.

With reports of FBI informants and alleged spying on President Trump’s campaign, the liberal media was in full swing to cover for former President Obama.

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In her analysis for The Hill last week, Attkisson slammed the media leaks from Obama holdovers inside the FBI, DOJ and CIA and concluded that the FBI had secretly spied on no fewer than seven Trump associates.

And with former Obama intel officials joining media outlets as paid contributors, the fix is in to spin the narrative to protect the 44th president.

According to Attkisson’s report:

Former CIA Director John Brennan and Clapper, two of the most integral intel officials in this ongoing controversy, have joined national news organizations where they have regular opportunities to shape the news narrative — including on the very issues under investigation.

Clapper reportedly secretly leaked salacious political opposition research against Trump to CNN in fall 2017 and later was hired as a CNN political analyst. In February, Brennan was hired as a paid analyst for MSNBC.


She followed up with tweets referring to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Former CIA Director John Brennan and former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell.

The Emmy Award-winning journalist said she was told these strategic hires can then “correct the record and possibly influence others.”

When Attkisson got some pushback on her comments, she was quick to set the record straight.

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