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CNN under fire for cheering mob that manufactured outrage over Ivanka Trump’s precious photo

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CNN earned another notch in its fake news belt as it launched an analysis discussing the non-story over Ivanka Trump’s photo with her son.

The network on Monday squandered an opportunity to clear up the backlash over Trump’s photo with some real facts about the 1500 illegal immigrant children who were supposedly “ripped from their parents.”

Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwartz attacked the first daughter on Sunday after she posted a photo of her and her 2-year-old son sparking outrage from critics who slammed Trump for the timing of  the “tone-deaf” post.

But as subsequent reports revealed, the migrant children were not, in fact, “ripped” from their parents when taken into custody at the border – a policy enacted under the administration of former President Obama. The hysteria over the federal government losing track of more than 1,000 illegal immigrant children sparked an outcry over the weekend and hashtags like #WhereAreTheChildren.

The minors, it seems, were placed with relatives or sponsors here in the U.S. who made the decision to “go off the grid.”

Not surprisingly,  CNN chose to ignore the facts as the network’s White House reporters Kate Bennett and Sarah Westwood took aim again at Trump in a discussion on Monday.

The women continued the narrative without clearing up any of the misinformation, and were called out on Twitter as many slammed the “manufactured outrage” CNN was purposely creating.

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