Service dog unexpectedly gives birth to 8 pups in middle of Florida airport

A service dog gave birth to eight adorable puppies in the middle of Tampa International airport as her two owners were set to board a flight to Philadelphia on Friday.

Eleanor “Ellie” Rigby a 2-year-old yellow lab gave birth to seven males and one female pup, while fellow traveler’s stopped to witness the heartwarming event and cheer her on.

Nugget, also a service dog and father of the pups was by Ellie’s side at the airport during the birth, according to Fox News.

Tampa Fire Rescue stayed until the last pup was delivered just in case Ellie needed assistance and posted updates throughout the event on Twitter.

Her owners, a woman and her daughter, were aware of Ellie’s condition but didn’t realize how far into the pregnancy she was.

The unexpected delivery caused them to miss their flight and now they plan to make the drive home from Tampa to Philadelphia with Ellie, Nugget and their new family.


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