Trump flips the script on ‘rotten apple’ Comey: How will HE explain ‘lies & deceit’ to his grandchildren?

President Donald Trump praised the FBI as a “fantastic institution” but said some of its top officials were unfortunately “rotten apples.”

Trump questioned the legacy James Comey will be leaving behind for his family as he responded to another one of the fired FBI chief’s angry tweets during an interview with “Fox and Friends” host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday.

“How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?” Comey wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Trump flipped the question by asking the same of the former FBI director.

“How is he going to explain to his grandchildren all of the lies, the deceit, all of the problems he’s caused for this country?” he said, adding that his firing of Comey will go down as “a very good thing.”

“The FBI is great. I know so many people in the FBI. The FBI is a fantastic institution, but some of the people at the top were rotten apples. James Comey was one of them,” Trump said. “I’ve done a great service for this country by getting rid of him, by firing him.”

Bombshell reports that an FBI informant had contacted at least three members of Trump’s presidential campaign prompted a wave of attacks on the agency in recent days.

Trump continued to blast Comey in tweets, using the hashtag #SPYGATE, as he accused him of inflicting “great pain on the FBI.”

Frieda Powers


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