North Korean officials ‘shocked’ and scrambling over Trump’s strategically timed cancellation

Blinded by Trump hate, liberals were quick to jump on the bandwagon that the President had some how lost his negotiation standing with Kim Jong Un shortly after he canceled a summit where the two were going to meet.

But, timing is everything.

As BizPac Review reported, North Korea had kept one of its promises and destroyed a nuclear testing site Thursday morning. At the time it wasn’t clear if Trump’s decision to cancel the meeting happened before or immediately after the site was decimated.

As dust from the bombshell news settled, it looks as if it was the latter. But, reactionary leftists aren’t good at waiting for facts or revelations to pan out and immediately ripped into Trump for being “played” by the dictator.

It’s a ridiculous notion to believe Trump was in this to win a Nobel Peace Prize. A prize that’s been stripped of its meaning especially since it was given to former President Obama for doing nothing. But it’s even more ridiculous to believe that Trump was “played” by little “Rocket Man.”

While liberals were gloating over Trump’s apparent loss, another narrative was developing as reports from within North Korea started to come out.

Officials inside NoKo were reportedly “shocked” as they heard the news that summit was called off — especially as it came just AFTER the test site was destroyed.

So, who is playing who? Ari Fleischer went on Fox Business to explain Trump’s gaining the leverage now.

And, it’s still fluid situation. Nothing is set in stone.

Stay tuned.


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