Former Mexican president scolds the Obamas for Netflix gig. Nobody saw that coming.

Among those critical of Barack and Michelle Obama’s new Netflix deal is the former Mexican president, Vicente Fox.

The multi-year contract with the online-streaming giant will afford the former White House occupants the platform to champion all their pet causes, like climate change, immigration and health care. All while still collecting a presidential pension of over $200,00 thanks to American taxpayers.

But their timing couldn’t be worse in the opinion of the former president of Mexico, who offered the Obamas a bit of advice when he was asked by TMZ.

“Great couple, great president, great first lady,” Fox told TMZ in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. “But, they should dedicate themselves more to the public arena, to promote the great values that they share, to promote the Democratic Party to be successful in November.”

Fox suggested the former first couple could “make money later” and should concentrate on taking down President Trump, though he never mentioned him by name.

“Get away from making shows. Get away from making money,” he said. “You’re a great family, You can do great things for the world. That’s my advice.”

Frieda Powers


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