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Looks like Bob Beckel just trash-talked Fox and ‘The Five’ in tweets he thought were private

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Former Fox News host, and staunch liberal Bob Beckel has resurfaced in an embarrassing way.

Beckel made lots of news with his highly publicized split with Fox, but hasn’t been seen or heard from much since Trump was elected — until now. Beckel unleashed what appeared to be series of private tweets in his feed’s public space and it contained some harsh criticism of his former employer.


According to The Daily Beast, Beckel appeared to be private messaging Tom Rogan with The McLaughlin Group who had been asking Beckel to be a guest on his show.

Beckel would have been all for it, except for Fox, his tweets noted:

That’s a doozy.


The tweets sent red flags up for some almost immediately:

Beckel has had a history with substance abuse, and although conservative Fox News fans disagreed with Beckel they wished him well when it was learned he had to enter rehab.

It’s unclear what prompted this strange tweet storm, but either way, his old fans, and new, will be hoping he sorts it out soon.


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