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Why hasn’t he ‘been charged and arrested?’ Trump puts new scrutiny on Podesta brother, Hillary campaign

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In a Sunday morning tweet-fest, President Donald Trump railed against the Robert Mueller “witch hunt,” the cost of which the president said is “soon to be $20,000,000,” and commented on “the corruption in the Hillary Clinton campaign” that’s not being pursued with the same zest as the Trump-Russia collusion probe.

In one tweet, Trump pointed to Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, asking why he has not been “charged and arrested.”

Trump tweeted: “….and why hasn’t the Podesta brother been charged and arrested, like others, after being forced to close down his very large and successful firm? Is it because he is a VERY well connected Democrat working in the Swamp of Washington, D.C.?”


Tony Podesta is the co-founder of the Podesta Group, the once-powerful lobbying firm, and Fox News outlined the firm’s activities, as seen in Mueller’s indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates:

In October, reports emerged that Mueller was investigating the Podesta Group over its lobbying work on behalf of a nonprofit group called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU). According to the special counsel’s indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and associate Rick Gates, the Brussels-based ECMU functioned as a “mouthpiece” for Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s pro-Russian president between 2010 and 2014.

The indictment went on to allege that Manafort and Gates enlisted the Podesta Group and one other firm to lobby on behalf of the ECMU — the “nominal client,” in the words of the indictment — so that Manafort and Gates could continue their work on Yanukovych’s behalf without making the required legal disclosures to the Justice Department.

The indictment alleged that the Podesta Group was not paid directly by the ECMU, but rather through offshore bank accounts controlled by Manafort and Gates. It also claimed that Gates gave the Podesta Group false talking points in order to cover his and Manafort’s tracks about their work for Yanukovych and ECMU.


The indictments do not mention Tony Podesta’s name and Fox News reported that it’s not clear what, if anything, he knew about the work for the ECMU and Yanukovych.

More from Fox News on the Podesta Group:

Former Podesta Group staffers told ABC News they were skeptical of Manafort as a client, with one source saying “there was a lot of suspicion that it was a front for bad stuff.”

Another staffer said the firm was taking on “clients you wouldn’t want to touch with a 100-foot pole.”

Tony Podesta stepped down from the now-defunct Podesta Group the same day that Mueller announced the Manafort and Gates’ indictment.

Sounds a lot like what Trump described as the “Swamp of Washington, D.C.,” no?

Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch, responded to the president’s tweet to comment on the Podesta Group’s foreign connections, to include the pro-Russia Ukrainian political group “Party of Regions.”

. uncovered news docs on Podesta Group foreign connections. Stark reminder Mueller’s special counsel operation more interested in alleged foreign ties of team, rather than Hillary Clinton’s (and Barack Obama’s) associates.

Get the feeling Robert Mueller is looking in all the wrong places for alleged collusion?

Tom Tillison


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