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Toxic tweeters break Roseanne Barr, cause her to quit Twitter Saturday. Here’s what brought her back.

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Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr almost permanently quit Twitter this Saturday after the perpetual anti-antisemitism, bigotry, sexism and hatred of the vile far-left became too much for her to bear.

“I must in good conscience leave Twitter. bye bye!” she tweeted that morning.

“[I] already deleted facebook five years ago when the anti semitism there became toxic. I am leaving all social media except instagram,” she added several minutes later.


She wasn’t kidding about all the “toxic” rhetoric on social media. It seems like a remarkable number of “tolerant liberals” spend practically all day and night using social media to spew vicious rhetoric about anyone whose views don’t align with their far-left ideology.

They’re especially critical of anyone who either supports President Donald Trump or is related to him, including even his son. Just last year a writer for the sketch-comedy show “Saturday Night Live” tweeted that Barron would be “the country’s first homeschool shooter.”

The initial reactions to Roseanne’s tweets Saturday were just as full of venom:




Unfortunately for these loudmouth losers, for every one of them there was an equally passionate pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-Roseanne fan ready to remind the actress and comedian of why social media needs her.

“Roseanne, that’s the goal,” warned one fan, referencing Roseanne’s plans to depart social media. “They want to discourage you so you leave. They want us all to be discouraged by low numbers as they shadowban us. Don’t let them win. We can NEVER let them win. As frustrating as it is, this is the fight we need – and we need fighters like YOU in it!”

See similar reactions below:





The combined love and support worked.

“[W]elp-ppl have convinced me 2 stay w them here,” Roseanne tweeted later that afternoon.


But surprise, surprise, the hateful comments returned faster than the speed of light.

“You know I really used to like your show and I’ve actually laughed at the current one but your politics make me want to puke please reevaluate your opinion of trump the man is toxic and I would love to be able 2 enjoy you again,” tweeted one deranged leftist.

What’s toxic about reducing unemployment, trying to halt illegal immigration, trying to halt radical Islamic terrorism and standing up for American values!? Nothing at all, or so any sensible person would recognize. Liberals aren’t sensible, though.

Liberals live in a fantasy world/bubble where the truth itself is “toxic,” while their own very toxic rhetoric is just them “rightly” resisting America’s duly elected president. It’s enough to drive one mad — or, in the case of Roseanne, drive them to briefly leave social media altogether.

Vivek Saxena


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