James Woods’ meme mocking DNC’s 2018 campaign slogan is going to send Kamala Harris into meltdown mode

Conservative actor James Woods tweeted a brutal meme that perfectly captured the unenviable position Democrats put themselves in when they opted to defend vicious members of the violent MS-13 gang in their zeal to attack President Donald Trump.

Targeting Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Woods tweeted an image of the lawmaker posing with an MS-13 gang member, along with the slogan that steals from Hillary Clinton: “Stronger Together. Ms-13 & DNC.”

Democrats, and their media allies, jumped on President Donald Trump saying of MS-13 gang members who entered the country posing as unaccompanied minor children,  “These aren’t people. These are animals.”

Twisting the president’s words in a transparent attempt to suggest he was calling all immigrants “animals,” Democrats literally came to the defense of Trump’s intended target, which Woods made a brilliant play on.

Of course, his meme prompted the sharing of similar memes floating around online:

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter:

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