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Elizabeth Warren pledges not to take ‘single penny’ from NRA. There’s no escaping that irony.

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One might expect the National Rifle Association would opt to burn its money in a huge bonfire before contributing to the campaign of hard-left zealot Sen. Elizabeth Warren, but that didn’t stop the Massachusetts Democrat from pledging not to take donations from the pro-Second Amendment group.

Proving that Democrats have never met a catchy slogan they will not rally around to create a groundswell of support for their failed agenda, Warren took the pledge being pushed by NoNRAMoney.org, which has declared that “it’s time to make the NRA politically radioactive.”

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“I pledge not to take a single penny from the National Rifle Association,” Warren says in a propaganda video promoted by the campaign that’s linked to the left-wing LGBT advocacy group, Equality Florida, which takes issue with the NRA for standing up for our constitutional right to bear arms.

“It’s time we strip the NRA of its stranglehold over our children’s lives,” the lawmaker adds in a message designed to make the group the scapegoat in the growing number of school shootings.

Of course, to think that she might receive a “single penny” from the NRA shows just how delusional Warren is.

Not that this delusion didn’t make for some entertaining moments on social media… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:







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