Parents slapped with lawsuit by child’s daycare after they wrote a biting review

A Florida daycare is fighting back against a parent who posted negative online reviews which they claim are untrue.

Daniel Dameron posted several negative reviews on social media about his daughter’s former daycare provider, Mrs. B’s Daycare, in Spring Hill, alleging his two-year-old child had been bitten by another child, WTVT-FOX 13 reported.

Dameron found himself being served with a lawsuit, however, just days after posting the reviews.

“I tried not to chuckle because it was just so absurd,” Dameron told FOX 13. “You’re supposed to be able to write these reviews because you’re supposed to be able to alert the public as to a good or bad business.”

The parents claimed the child was bitten several times but the nationally accredited daycare, which has been in business for 24 years, apparently ignored their complaints.

“All I got was a shrug of the shoulders and, ‘if you don’t like it, that’s just the way kids are. You can take your daughter and go somewhere else,’” he said.

He took his criticism to several websites where he shared the details of what happened and the daycare’s response in reviews that began, “Warning: child endangerment and abusive environment.”

“Well, that’s the reason social media is out there,” Dameron’s attorney, Gino Megna, said. “It’s meant for people to go out there and explain what their experience is like.”

As long as reviews are truthful, they are considered an “affirmative defense against defamation,” according to Megna.

Dameron does not regret his online reviews and plans to fight the lawsuit, which is seeking up to $15,000 in damages that Mrs. B’s allegedly incurred because of the negative review, FOX 13 reported.

“It is my responsibility as a consumer to rate and review other businesses, good or bad, and I write good reviews all day long,” he said. “It just so happens this one was a very bad one.”

Frieda Powers


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