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Everyone is freaking out over man who showed up to TX HS shooting scene with his flag and gun

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Not long after the horrific news broke of another high school shooting, the gun debate started to rage.

Two suspects were apprehended in Santa Fe, Texas, after at least one opened fire killing as many as ten people, mostly students, on Friday.

During the inevitable gun debate that immediately went into play on social media, one man who showed up on the scene and stoked the debate to new heights for what he was wearing — and carrying.

The man who wasn’t yet identified said he was there to “Make America Great Again.”  The fact that he was wearing a Trump hat, carrying the American flag, and had a handgun on his side was not lost on anyone.

A second man in the video was enraged by the flag waving Patriot, saying that while he supports the Second Amendment, it was the wrong move to show up with his gun out in the open.

The men’s reactions to the tragic scene were reflected in the divisive responses the viral video clip received:



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