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Pundit’s wife quickly realizes posting pic of Avenatti partying with CNN hosts wasn’t such a good idea

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The wife of a CNN political commentator tweeted and apparently deleted a photo with Michael Avenatti at a “soiree” attended by other famous faces from CNN .

The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels has made multiple appearances on CNN as he has averaged two television interviews a day for the past 10 weeks, according to analysis by the Media Research Center, which has clocked 147 TV interviews on both cable and network television for the attorney.

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

So it should come as no surprise that Avenatti was chumming it up with his new-found friends at CNN which has provided free media coverage for the lawyer with – so far – a staggering 74 appearances.

Juanita Scarlett, the wife of CNN commentator Errol Louis, tweeted a photo of the couple along with Avenatti, CNN conservative commentator Margaret Hoover and CNN host Don Lemon. The group was apparently at a Hamptons “soiree.”

“Thrilled to have met @MichaelAvenatti at the Sag Harbor soiree of my second favorite on-air journalist @donlemon @errollouis @MargaretHoover,” Scarlett tweeted, according to a screenshot from conservative writer Stephen Miller on Wednesday.

A closer look:

But the tweet was either deleted or could no longer be seen as Scarlett’s account was subsequently set to private.

The picture sparked a lot of discussion about CNN’s supposed “objective” journalism:

Avenatti, meanwhile, is reportedly being investigated by the California State Bar after a complaint about allegedly unpaid taxes was filed.

He has also threatened journalists and publications with lawsuits for reporting on him. including the Daily Caller News Foundation and Law & Crime.

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