Progressives gloat after far-left candidate beats DNC’s top recruit in battleground primary

DCNFHenry Rodgers, DCNF

A far-left progressive candidate running for Congress in Nebraska won the Democratic primary Tuesday night even though she was running against a top Democratic recruit for the battleground congressional seat.

Kara Eastman, who fully supports abortion and universal healthcare, won the Democratic nomination for Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District in a surprise upset in the Democratic primary. Eastman defeated former Congressman Brad Ashford, who was a favorite among top leaders in the party’s primary.

The surprising win could be a sign the Democratic party is going farther left and looking for outsiders like Eastman, who has never run for a political office.

“Kara Eastman showed the DCCC that far-left progressives are in full control of the party, and they are just along for the ride,” National Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Jesse Hunt said to NBC News. “Single-payer health care is Eastman’s most passionate issue, and her values are a better fit for Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco than Nebraska.”

Eastman took a shot at Democrats in one of her ads, saying she was “tired of hearing that Democrats don’t have a backbone” and she is the “only candidate for Congress [who] stands for universal healthcare and ending massive tax breaks for millionaires who threaten the middle class.”

The strong abortion advocate will now take on Republican Rep. Don Beacon in the November 6 general election.

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