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Laura Ingraham warns POTUS of mass amnesty plan underway by liberals – from both parties

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham issued a “warning” to President Trump about a mass amnesty effort underway by liberal lawmakers.

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Ingraham tweeted her message to the president on Monday, giving him a heads up about the plan that she said was “supported” by soon-to-retire Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

“Warning to @realDonaldTrump: An effort is underway by liberal Repubs (+Dems) on a mass amnesty in the House thru a ‘discharge petition,’ supported by @SpeakerRyan. Total travesty & mid-term turn-out killer,” she said.

Ingraham tweeted again to clarify her remarks about Ryan’s stand on the discharge petition.

Democrats and moderate Republicans are apparently driving a push to force a vote on mass amnesty.

According to The Washington Post:

More than a dozen House Republicans are issuing a rare challenge to their own party’s leaders: Allow immigration bills to get a vote now, or we’ll force a vote.

They’re circulating a petition to do just that, and it’s only seven signatories shy of overriding House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s (R-Wis.) opposition and forcing votes on a variety of immigration bills to provide a path to citizenship for “dreamers.” It would be the first time the House has passed an immigration bill since Republicans came to power in 2011.


“The chance that it will work is so small that this is really a Hail Mary,” Alex Nowrasteh, a Cato Institute immigration policy analyst, said.

If all 193 Democrat lawmakers sign on to the discharge petition, as expected, 25 Republicans would be needed to sign to force a vote over leadership’s objections. So far GOP lawmakers have signed.

“I would like to have an immigration vote before the midterms. But I want to have a vote on something that can make it into law,” Ryan said last week, according to NBC News.  “I don’t want to have show ponies.”

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Ingraham noted that mass amnesty should not be the focus now with midterm elections coming.

Many seemed to agree with her.

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