Fox & Friends accuses mudslinging Maxine Waters of turning Congress into a ‘cable news show’

DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” criticized Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California Monday for arguing with Republican Rep. Mike Kelly about racial discrimination on the House floor.

Waters accused the auto industry of being racist and discriminatory with their sales and loan practices during a Tuesday debate, and Pennsylvania congressman Kelly took offense.

“Everything has always got to come down to discrimination,” Kelly said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “And somehow we’re not treating non-white people fairly. We are discriminating against them.”

“Since this president came into office and this administration — we have seen an economy that’s skyrocketed and is good for all Americans. Not just white Americans or not white Americans, but all Americans. These are red, white, and blue issues. And if we can’t get away from this divisive type of talk, we cannot come together as a nation.”

“Backing people into a corner. People are getting tired of that,” host Ainsley Earhardt said. “They’re finally speaking out.”

Co-host Steve Doocy said the House rules are supposed to prevent this type of mudslinging and accused Waters of degrading the image of Congress.

“There are rules where you cannot do that, but suddenly Congress now looks like a cable TV show,” Doocy added. “I don’t think so you can impugn the integrity of another member. That’s the problem. And so, the back and forth was sharp.”

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