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Candace Owens takes on ‘anti-American mouthpiece’ Linda Sarsour: ‘Your time is coming to an end. Stand down’

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Radical left-wing Muslim activist Linda Sarsour bit off more than she could chew on Monday when she gave her unsolicited two cents on a tweet from Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk praising greatest President Trump as the “greatest president in American history for the Jewish people.”

What Sarsour didn’t bargain for was that Candace Owens would engage.

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Following a tweet from 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney calling Dr. Robert Jeffress, a noted evangelical minister tapped to deliver the opening prayer Monday in Jerusalem a “religious bigot” for previous statements directed at Jews, Sarsour criticized Trump for the selection.

“He sent an antisemitic evangelical pastor to open the US Embassy in Jerusalem who believes Jews will go to hell. You have a very interesting definition of great,” she tweeted.

That’s where Candace Owens, who’s employed by Kirk’s national student movement, comes into play.

As she is known to do, she entered the fray with the intent to slay, and did she ever.

“You’re an anti-American mouthpiece that was given a platform by people that wish harm upon this country. Your time is coming to an end. Stand down,” she declared.

Owens is in Jerusalem with Kirk, and the duo shared an observation that there were no Democrats on hand for Monday’s momentous occasion.


As for Sarsour, you may recall that she called for a “jihad” against President Trump at the Islamic Society of North America convention in Chicago last year.

Social media users couldn’t resist piling on following Owen’s tweet, but then, Sarsour makes it so easy. The drubbing was so bad you almost feel sorry for the zealot.


Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:






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