Rep. Gaetz explains Schumer’s rant: Dems embarrassed ‘Dennis Rodman conducted more diplomacy with N. Korea than Obama’

Rep. Matt Gaetz called for a check of the “scoreboard”as he slammed Democrats for their criticism of President Trump.

The Florida Republican blasted New York Sen. Charles Schumer who criticized Trump for thanking North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un on the release of three Americans being held prisoner.

Schumer thought it was “troubling” that Trump would utter any kind words in the face of the North Korean leader’s actions, arguing on Capitol Hill that the release of the three men “should not be exalted, it should be expected.”

Former congressman from Utah, Jason Chaffetz, sitting in for Sean Hannity on Fox News Friday, asked Gaetz about Democrats and Schumer “berating” Trump for his words of thanks to Kim.

“It must be very embarrassing for the political left and the mainstream media that Dennis Rodman conducted more diplomacy in North Korea than the Obama administration ever did,” Gaetz said, referring to the former Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls star who is a friend of Kim’s and has visited the nation multiple times.

“Here we’ve got President Trump actually delivering results,” Gaetz said.

“So let’s check the scoreboard,” he added, noting how Obama “put five terrorists back on the battlefield to get the deserter Bowe Bergdahl back,” referring the American soldier who later pleaded guilty to desertion.

“Here in the last week, President Trump goes and gets the five principal leaders of ISIS and takes them off the battlefield. At the same time we’re  bringing home three Americans,” the member of the Budget, Armed Services, and Judiciary Committees said.

“So if you look at the results, if you look at the scoreboard, President Trump has America winning,” Gaetz said. “And that’s not something we were used to over the last eight years.”

Frieda Powers


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