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Nancy Pelosi raises eyebrows and a whole lot of questions with incoherent rant on Iran

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Democrats’ swift condemnation of President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal may have been too quick for Nancy Pelosi to coherently gather her thoughts.

The House Minority Leader slammed the president for his decision, which she claimed threatens global security, but was soon rambling in her weekly briefing with reporters.

“For the president to destroy the successful Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action gravely endangers our global security and defies comprehension,” Pelosi said Thursday, referring to the Iran nuclear deal as “one of the great diplomatic achievements of our time.”

The California Democrat then held up a book which she earlier explained contained statements by Democrats in favor of the Obama-era policy.

“I show you this book because we didn’t ask people to sign a letter,” she said. “We asked them to study the agreement, to study the validation of ambassadors, and generals and admirals and military people across the board.”

She continued in her rambling, noting something about nuclear physicists and Nobel laureates before declaring all had agreed that the pact should “be the template for future nuclear nonproliferation agreements.”

“To ask their questions, to talk to their constituents, to make their own decisions and make their own statements about this,” she wandered in her address. “So I was very, very proud of the strong support that the members came to their own conclusions about supporting the agreement.”

“It was an excellent piece of work. This, but also the agreement,’ Pelosi continued.

“So as I said, the president’s action is very – troubling,” she said after a long pause and audible sigh.

Pelosi had joined the chorus of critics immediately after Trump’s announcement on Tuesday, accusing the president of abdicating his leadership role.

She criticized Trump’s decision to “follow his misguided & uninformed campaign promise” in tweets.

But what Democrats fail to acknowledge, and the liberal media will not report, is that Iranians themselves are applauding Trump, and thanking him for standing by them. Iranians launched multiple social media hashtags, inlcluding #ThankYouTrump, “WeAreHostages” and even the Trump-inspired “MakeIranGreatAgain.”

Pelosi’s address on Thursday raised collective eyebrows on Twitter as users again contemplated the benefits of term limits and questioned her ability to lead.

Frieda Powers


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