Don Trump Jr is ‘dad-shamed’ after posting video of shirt-less 3-year-old daughter. Wait a minute …

Apparently, gender DOES matter to the left.

At least, if you’re a member of President Donald Trump’s family it does, as seen in the backlash against the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who’s being dad-shamed for an Instagram video of himself cutting up with his two youngest kids.

In the video, 5-year-old son Spencer and 3-year-old daughter Chloe are ganging up on dad in a Nerf Gun battle. The trouble is, young Chloe — egad! — is not wearing a shirt!

“Morning nerf gun battle time. Spencer and Chloe really abusing me me this AM… but now it may be time to fight back with tickle time,” the accompanying caption reads.

And with that, some of the folks who cheer grown women who strip to the waist, if not further, to protest the latest cause du jour, took umbrage.

The same folks who will call YOU a “transphobe” if you dare make note of a liberal’s gender.

One follower on Instagram commented: “Chloe is 3 & should be wearing a shirt, just as her brother is covered.”

“Chloe needs a shirt on and get rid of the moronic toy,” another critical follower said.

One follower was forgiving of the child not wearing a shirt, taking issue instead with the Nerf guns.

“Please. She is 3! No shirt is no problem. It’s the Nerf guns. Did the NRA contribute those to the kids for practice?” the comment read.

But then, it’s clear at this point that Trump’s critics will jump on any excuse to rip on his family, as seen when Ivanka Trump celebrated son Theodore’s 1-year birthday by tweeting a photo of herself holding him in the hospital when he was born.

Amazingly, she was shamed for having quality healthcare, among other things!

But then, this was predicable, given the reaction when Ivanka shared an adorable picture of Theodore when he was 8-months-old.

Not that Trump Jr., who is going through a divorce with wife Vanessa, didn’t have his share of supporters, as seen on Twitter:

In fact, one social media user had the perfect solution: “All @DonaldJTrumpJr needs to do is claim that he’s letting Chloe decide her gender and that day she identified as a boy.”

Tom Tillison


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