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Not a chance James Woods was letting Alyssa Milano get away with ugly lie about the NRA and our troops

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James Woods deftly fact-checked actress Alyssa Milano over her latest ignorant tweet about the NRA.

Responding to a tweet by Mother Jones’ Mark Follman that the National Rifle Association “promoted a Russian sniper rifle that the Pentagon considers a threat to US troops,” Milano spouted a line from the liberal anti-gun narrative handbook.

Woods schooled Milano on just who NRA members are, without missing a chance to throw shade at the liberal activist about her own financial challenges.

Milano has time and again demonstrated her ignorance on the topic, as she spews Hollywood’s anti-gun, anti-NRA narrative. Her tweet on Monday came on the heels of a wildly unsuccessful protest by the  “NoRA” group at this year’s NRA Convention in Dallas over the weekend.

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Perfectly displaying the Hollywood left’s blind hypocrisy on the gun control issue, Milano demanded so-called “common sense gun reform” at the barely-attended event. Amazingly, the actress arrived on scene with her bodyguard – who was armed.

The”Charmed” and “Who’s the Boss” star defended herself on Twitter later explaining that the man “was event security, not my bodyguard.”

Failing to see the disconnect between her sanctimonious ranting and armed security intimidating other law-abiding citizens, Milano earned more mockery and backlash for then not putting her money where her mouth is, reportedly refusing an invitation to meet with NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

Twitter users appreciated Woods’ take down of the 45-year-old actress and the clarification of who and what the NRA really is.

Frieda Powers


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