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Maybe Michelle O needed to be propped up, but not Melania. Soaring numbers drive the press to insanity

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Melania Trump officially kicked off her ‘Be Best’ campaign that will focus on children with a heartfelt speech only the Trump-hating media could pan.

Laura Ingraham called the speech “fantastic” but was quick to zero in on the blatant double standards the first lady faces on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle Monday night.

“When children learn positive online behaviors early on social media can be used in productive ways and can affect positive change,” Melania said regarding cyber-bullying.

As to be expected, most of what the first lady said was lost on the media, and anti-Trump pundits wasted no time skewering the speech for all the wrong reasons.

“Of course, CNN couldn’t let the first lady have her moment,” Ingraham pointed out as she played a clip of CNN pundits lamenting the president’s “name calling” and “aggressive” use of Twitter.

“Let me get this straight. Where Michelle Obama was celebrated by the press and the celebrity set for her ‘Let’s Move’ initiative, Melania’ Trump’s effort is treated skeptically before it even began.” Ingraham said.

Ingraham recalled the press praising Mrs. Obama for being a “strong and independent” woman aside from her husband and noted Melania doesn’t get the same treatment.

“The press takes every opportunity to define the first lady only through what they few as her husband’s shortcomings,” Ingraham continued. She then took the opportunity to play several clips of the media talking heads bashing the Melania and Donald Trump for living “separate lives.”


Example of the media’s focus while the first lady tries to help children. Image: Fox News screengrab.

“If you want to know why the media has trained its sights on the first lady, it’s simple: She’s a real asset to the president,” Ingraham noted before posting Melania’s soaring approval numbers.

To prove her point, Ingraham brought up President Trump’s nominee for CIA chief, Gina Haspel.

“If confirmed she’ll be the first woman to ever lead that male-dominated agency,” Ingraham said while noting her impressive career.

“So, why won’t the left cheer her for breaking the glass ceiling?” Ingraham asked.

Ingraham proceeded to decimate the media narrative currently in the works to destroy Haspel.

“The anti-Trump bullies almost drove Haspel to withdraw her nomination, but she’s holding firm,” Ingraham said. “Those vilifying her, are despicable.”

Finally, Ingraham pointed out the “one woman” the left and their media lapdogs will actually “salute”… Stormy Daniels.

“They literally roll out the red carpet,” Ingraham said of the media’s gushing over the anti-Trump porn star.

Stormy’s been cashing in on a nationwide tour of strip clubs and T.V. shows to promote herself, and left-wing pundits are all too eager to make excuses for her as Ingraham noted.

“It’s amazing to watch the media disparage women of real substance, while the laud a woman who spends most of her time hanging off a pole half or completely naked,” Ingraham said.

“Let the media applaud their darling of the moment,” she continued. “She’s actually a good representative of what they’ve become.”



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