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‘What was the actual crime?’ Dan Bongino blasts media as willing ‘accomplices’ to Mueller’s corruption

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During an appearance Friday evening on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino accused the mainstream media of being willing accomplices to the corruption of special counsel Robert Mueller.

The agent turned political commentator made the extraordinary accusation while speaking with host Tucker Carlson about what happened earlier in the day, when a federal judge blasted Mueller’s office for lying about the scope of its investigation and seeking “unfettered power.”

The judge’s shocking excoriation of the special counsel marked the first time that anyone with influence and authority — save for President Donald Trump and his White House team — had ever really stood up to Mueller and his potentially unconstitutional investigation.

Bongino rightly pointed out that U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III should’t have been the first one to stand up to Mueller. The media should.

“The press are accomplices in this. With a fair and free press you would expect that they would do basic things like journalism and say something, Tucker, like, ‘Hey, is there actually a predicate crime that we’re investigating?'” Bongino noted.

The media never once questioned Mueller’s motives, instead choosing to blindly accept his team’s still-unsubstantiated allegations that Trump colluded with Russian operatives to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

“What was the actual crime?” Bongino continued, adding that even if Trump committed collusion (evidence suggests it was failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton who really committed collusion), it still wouldn’t matter.

“[T]he fact is even if there was collusion, collusion is not a crime. There was none of that. This is an embarrassment. Journalism completely failed us. This is their most embarrassing moments in a series of embarrassing moments in the last few decades,” Bongino said.

Even anti-Trump zealot Joy Behar, a co-host of “The View,” admitted as much about Mueller’s collusion narrative earlier this year, outright saying, “Collusion is not a crime.”

It was an attempt by her to defend Mueller’s newfound mission to prove the president obstructed justice. Because the special counselor failed to uncover any evidence to substantiate his accusations of collusion, he’s since switched his goals.

But if Mueller has failed to prove collusion, shouldn’t his investigation be over by now? Why does his investigation continue undeterred? And why have the media made zero attempts to hold the special counsel accountable for his clear-cut errors in judgment?

Because like Bongino dutifully made clear Friday, the modern media aren’t purveyors of truth and fact; they’re willing “accomplices” to evil!

Vivek Saxena


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