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Pervert robots? Women getting seriously creeped out by airport’s new security bots

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The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has employed the services of a futuristic security robot to patrol LaGuardia Airport, but all is not well.

The blue and white Knightscope K5, which brings to mind Star Wars’ R2-D2, is being rented for thousands of dollars a month, the New York Post reported.

(Photo credit ROB LEVER/AFP/Getty Images)

Equipped with four cameras, microphones and sensors, the security bot is tasked with thwarting scammers and illegal cabdrivers who prey on tavelers, according to The Post.

But Robo-cop is creeping out women and the bad guys laugh at it.

“It’s upsetting to have that thing creep up on you,” said one female security guard at the airport. “It’s a pain in the ass. It keeps bothering people.”

The woman said she had just fended off the bot — effectively a competitor that does not require a high-dollar pension plan — with a luggage cart.

She also claimed male colleagues would hijack the bot to “get a better look” at her.

(Photo credit ROB LEVER/AFP/Getty Images)

Kris Cabagnot, 31, suggested the Knightscope K5 bot ogled her after rolling up to within 10 inches of her.

“It was coming right up to me, and at first, I was like, ‘What the freak is that?’” she said.

A high-level security specialist at the airport told The Post the bots are “a waste of money.”

“They just laugh at it,” the source said of illegal cabbies. “They walk around the bot and take people into their cars.”

“They could have renovated three of our bathrooms for the same money,” they added. “We could have gotten some working sinks.”

An illicit cabdriver named Mohammad told The Post he “didn’t even notice it.”

Perhaps the robots can serve a dual purpose, a security monitor with a convenient pop-up sink for hand-washing?

On a positive note, kids love it.

“It’s fun,” 6-year-old traveler Justice McNair told the paper. “I like how it moves and the color. It’s fun to play with.”

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