Handcuffed man takes painful nosedive off courthouse balcony after he tries to make a break for it

A handcuffed man in a Utah courthouse was seen on security camera footage as he escaped a courtroom only to flip off a balcony and nosedive to the ground below.


The defendant, Christopher Clay Rudd, appeared hurt and bloody as he lay on the ground after the fall, as seen in video released Thursday, according to an Associated Press report.

(Image: Utah County Jail)

The incident occurred on Monday as the 35-year-old was seen on video running out of the courtroom while handcuffed.

(Images: screenshot/Utah County Jail)

He was seen outside of the room, and appeared to run directly at the balcony rail which he flipped over, landing on the ground in the floor below.

(Images: screenshot/Utah County Jail)

Bailiffs chased after Rudd and one seemed to try to break his fall. They then could be seen attending to him on the ground.

Though it wasn’t yet clear if he was trying to injure himself or the fall was accidental, Rudd broke his leg and pelvis and fractured his skull in the fall, state courts spokesman Geoffrey Fattah said, according to the AP.

(Images: screenshot/Utah County Jail)

Originally arrested on drug allegations, the defendant was in the Spanish Fork court for failure to follow through on court-ordered treatment. His attempt to escape could earn him more charges.


Frieda Powers


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