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Giuliani vows Trump won’t be treated worse than Hillary if interviewed by Special Counsel: ‘I won’t let them’

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Rudy Giuliani, now an attorney for President Donald Trump, slammed Hillary Clinton as “a criminal” during an appearance on Fox New Channel’s “Hannity,” and called for Trump to receive the same treatment Clinton saw when questioned about her use of a private email server, should he be subpoenaed in the Robert Mueller probe.

“I’m sorry, Hillary. I know you’re disappointed you didn’t win, but you’re a criminal,” Giuliani declared. “Equal justice would mean you should go to jail. I don’t know why the Justice Department is not investigating here.”

He went on to say former FBI  director James Comey “fixed the whole case” against Clinton, referencing the “stupid report he wrote” claiming no reasonable prosecutor would indict her.

He also called Comey a “perverted man,” after Hannity noted the former FBI director said Clinton respects the rule of law —  Comey made the comment Monday during an interview on C-Span, where he said he’d still be running the bureau today if Clinton had been elected president.

When asked if we have a two tier justice system in America, Giuliani replied: “Yes, we have one for Hillary and all of those Democrats, Bill Clinton.”

“I am very afraid, not just for our president, but for our country, there’s going to be a witch hunt against Republicans,” he insisted.

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In discussing the possibility of President Trump being subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller, Hannity referenced the “Hillary standard” — which aptly describes the favorable treatment she received when questioned by the FBI about her use of a private email server.

“If we have the Hillary standard, the interview would never be under oath, it would never be recorded, never be transcribed,” Hannity began.

“And all the witnesses that are in favor to them in the room immunized,” his guest interjected. “Jared [Kushner] would be immunized, [Trump lawyer Michael] Cohen would be immunized.”

“We write the exoneration before the interview,” Hannity continued, “then we would agree to destroying incriminating evidence, like they did in the case of Cheryl Mills and Hillary.”

The Fox News host then elicited quite a belly laugh from Giuliani when he suggested that the interview would be conducted by him or Rush Limbaugh.

…which would pretty much ensure the same special treatment Clinton received from James Comey.

The interview took a more serious turn, when Giuliani vowed if an interview should take place they won’t be able to keep Trump for more than two – three hours.

“Never beyond 2-3 hours,” he said. “I’m not going to have my client, my president, my friend — I’m not going to let him be treated worse than Bill Clinton who definitely was a liar under oath. He’s being treated much worse than Hillary Clinton, who had no right to any of that stuff.

“I’m not going to let him be treated worse than Hillary Clinton.”

He went on to say he and fellow Trump attorney Jay Sekulow “will insist they are going to have to treat [Trump] the same way as Clinton,” to include giving them the questions in advance.

“He is ready to — He’s ready to go!”

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