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Ann Coulter hates how Trump is handling caravan invasion, so she unpacks very specific tips for him

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Conservative author Ann Coulter said she hopes President Trump makes good on his campaign promises to crack down on illegal immigration and boost border security.

“We did not elect Jeb Bush,” Coulter told Fox News host Steve Hilton. “[The Central American caravan] is an attack on our nation by a political group that doesn’t believe nations should have borders. They say ‘asylum’ and that’s it. They’re going to get shipped in and we’ll get another round of MS-13 [criminals in the US].”

Coulter has previously criticized President Trump for not making progress on the border wall and for seemingly backpedaling on his anti-illegal immigration stance.

She says since the Democrats are rabidly trying to import illegal aliens and refugees to boost their voting bloc, Trump and the Republicans must stick to their stated goal of stemming illegal immigration and focusing on fair trade.

“Trump has a lot of power. He was the one who was elected. It’s Republicans and Congress that the American people hate. Maybe if he spent a little more time on making America great again and not working on making South Korea and China great again.

He could get back to pressuring Congress to do something for the American people, and that would be to pass a law saying you don’t just get to step in and say ‘I’m claiming asylum’ and then get a bus and a box lunch into America.”

Ann Coulter said the caravan of migrants at the San Diego border crossing spotlights why the United States needs a border wall.

Coulter also pointed out that the Mexican government lied when it told the United States that it had stopped the caravan from marching through Mexico to the U.S. because the caravan is already here, as BizPac Review has reported.

caravan mexico

“Trump sent out a tweet a few weeks ago saying, ‘Don’t worry, the Mexican government has stopped the caravan,'” Coulter said. “And then the Daily Mail goes to Mexico and it says ‘No we haven’t stopped the caravan.'”

Critic say Mexico is “aiding and abetting” the caravan mob into coming to the United States because it doesn’t want the group of unemployed vagrants in its country, either. Many on Twitter slammed Democrats for enabling an illegal invasion of the country.





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