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‘This is what the REAL Blue Wave looks like’: Kanye West spotted meeting with Candace Owens

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Kanye West is starting a movement, and liberals are having a meltdown.

West is touting the notion of freedom of thought – something inherently foreign to those on the left – and his choice of company on Sunday sent many into a tailspin.

The rapper was spotted with conservative commentator and Trump supporter Candace Owens who was praised by West last week after her ‘we’re not victims’ takedown of Black Lives Matter activists.

Also part of the Sunday entourage was Charlie Kirk,  the founder of Turning Point USA where Owens works.

(Image: Twitter)

Donald Trump Jr. and others tweeted a photo on Monday of West with the conservative commentators.

The trio was seen leaving a meeting together in the Los Angeles area, according to The Daily Mail.

Kirk also tweeted the image with the caption, “Free thinkers only.”

West’s break from the liberal confines of group-think has stirred a torrent of reaction on social media, especially with his shout outs in support of President Trump. The latest photos surfacing added more to the Twitter frenzy.


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