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Hillary consigliere unleashes vulgar F-bomb attack on Melania Trump and entire ‘diseased clan’

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If vile comedian Michelle Wolf, who headlined Saturday evening’s White House Correspondents Dinner, came up short in turning America off to the hate-filled left, and it’s hard to image she did, former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign adviser Philippe Reines was only too happy to close the gap.

The combative senior adviser who worked with Clinton in the State Department hit White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, a target of personal attacks from Wolf,  with a vulgar, sexist slam of his own.

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Using President Trump’s sincere, albeit awkward show of sympathy toward athletes with disabilities taking part in the Paralympics to spew his hate, Reines was crystal clear that he had no sympathy for Sanders.

Or “the Right’s mascara derangement syndrome.”

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“The Paralympics issued a statement defending its disabled athletes from @realDonaldTrump’s hurtful comment they are hard to watch. THE PARALYMPICS. HARD TO WATCH. So f*ck Sarah Sanders & f*ck the Right’s mascara derangement syndrome,” he tweeted.

Reines also slammed the president’s administration and family, to include first lady Melania Trump, as a “diseased clan” with “rotten souls” in several late night tweets that suggests the Clinton consigliere should put down his tweeting machine before picking up the bourbon glass.

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Responding to former Trump aide Sean Spicer, who called  Wolf’s performance a “disgrace” on social media and questioned the White House Correspondents’ Dinner board for their silence, Reines insisted Team Trump deserves far worse.

“This thread by @MollyJongFast is a reminder why Sarah Slanders™️, Kellyanne, Spicer, Bannon, Priebus, Jared, Ivanka, Melania and their entire diseased clan need to stfu. No matter how low they felt tonight it’s 1/1000th what their rotten souls deserve,” he tweeted.

And if the above wasn’t bad enough, Reines threatened members of the media who may have brought “any heinous WH staffer,” specifically naming Kellyanne Conway.

“To anyone at the White House Correspondents Dinner: What media outlet / reporter brought Kellyanne as their guest? Same for Raj Shah, Stephen Miller – or any heinous WH staffer. Let’s see exactly who’s a hypocrite. If you can’t tell just send a photo and we’ll figure it out.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Reines is occasionally featured on the Fox News Channel, which prompted one social media user to ask Fox News host Laura Ingraham if she was going to “have this lowlife, vindictive clown on your show again?”

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter that suggests the American public is growing tired of the unhinged hatred on the left:




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