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Twitter CEO apologizes for what Candace Owens was called. It only took 6 days.

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DCNFPeter Hasson, DCNF

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday apologized to conservative activist Candace Owens for labeling her “far-right.”

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Twitter’s news vertical portrayed Owens as an extremist on April 21 after rapper Kanye West praised the way Owens thinks. Owens fired back in a tweet at the time, ripping Twitter for giving her the “far-right” label.

“Far right? Allow me to clarify: I believe the black community can do it without hand-outs. I believe the Democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures,” Owens wrote. And I won’t stop fighting until all black Americans see that. I’m not far right — I’m free.”

It took six days, but Dorsey apologized to Owens on Friday.

“Hi Candace. I want to apologize for our labeling you ‘far right.’ Team completed a full review of how this was published and why we corrected far too late (12 hrs after). There was a clear break in our curation process and understanding, and we’re fixing,” Dorsey wrote on Twitter. “Thanks for calling out.”

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