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Intel report changes game for Mike Flynn; suggests he was coerced into guilty plea when FBI had nothing

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A stunning report released Friday by the House Intelligence Committee regarding its investigation into alleged Russian collusion by the president’s election campaign contains evidence the FBI coerced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn into a guilty plea.

This evidence matches a theory posited by Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano about a week earlier.

“Did the FBI agents who interviewed him, one of them was Peter Strzok, actually believe that he lied, or did they say we don’t see anything wrong, but senior management said wow, we do. We think it was a lie,” Napolitano had said.

“If it was a faulty guilty plea — if the government accepted the guilty plea knowing he wasn’t guilty, the lawyers involved have a very serious problem.”

Last December the former national security adviser pleaded guilty to “willfully and knowingly” lying to the FBI about meetings he had held during President Donald Trump’s transition in late 2016 with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

According to the House report released Friday, when FBI agents later interviewed Flynn in January of 2017 about this meeting to determine whether it had involved some form of collusion, they “did not detect any deception.”

Yet nearly a year later in December of 2017, Flynn “pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding his December 2016 conversations with Ambassador Kislyak.”

Why? Was it because the FBI coerced Flynn into pleading guilty to satisfy special counselor Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” against the president? It sounds that way based both on the House’s report and what former FBI Director James Comey reportedly told Congress last year.

In March of 2017 the now-disgraced former FBI director allegedly admitted that his agents had not thought Flynn was lying when they interviewed him earlier in the year, according to a report published two months ago.


In an interview this week with Fox News, however, Comey denied this, saying, “I saw that in the media … maybe someone misunderstood something I said. I didn’t believe that. I didn’t say that.” Then why did he wait two whole months to dispute the report?

Nothing about Flynn’s guilty plea makes sense, except this: Friends and associates of Flynn confirmed to reporter Sara A. Carter “that he has been forced to sell his home in northern Virginia in an effort to keep up with mounting legal fees and that he couldn’t afford to keep fighting the Special Counsel.”

This bombshell revelation suggests the former national security adviser pleaded guilty out of a desperate attempt to avoid being driven into bankruptcy by Mueller.

And the FBI likewise coerced Flynn into pleading guilty not because he actually did anything wrong, but because it wanted to obtain a scalp for the special counsel.

Vivek Saxena


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