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Ann Coulter not celebrating: North Korea is China’s problem, ours is Mexico – can we focus, please?

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Not everyone reacted positively Friday after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un arrived in South Korea for a historic peace agreement brokered in part by President Donald Trump.

Firebrand conservative commentator and columnist Ann Coulter, who tends to be a strong proponent of isolationism, blasted the news, essentially arguing in two tweets that the president should be focusing on problems closer to home.

“This endless blather about North Korea doesn’t feel like Making America Great Again,” she wrote, referencing Trump’s 2016 election slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Coulter especially worries about illegal immigration from South American countries like Mexico and Guatemala.

“There is no question but that illegal immigration dwarfs any other issue, not only in dead Americans, but also in welfare expenditures, taxes, lost jobs, police and prison expenditures, declining neighborhoods, ruined schools, overwhelmed hospitals, facial reconstruction surgeries and rape counseling services, to name a few costs,” she wrote in a column last year.

She zealously supported Trump during the election because of his promise to clamp down on illegal immigration by building a southern wall and repealing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Instituted by former President Barack Obama, the program allowed illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children to obtain protection from deportation.

Yet as of April, there is still no wall, and though the president repealed DACA last year, he’s repeatedly expressed interest in reinstituting it legislatively.

During a bipartisan hearing on immigration reform in January, the president described a potential bill that would secure the border and also make DACA a permanent feature as a “bill of love”:

Even as the president continues to stumble in regard to meeting his campaign promises, he likewise continues to involve himself in foreign affairs. Earlier this month he authorized strikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government in retaliation for him having allegedly carried out chemical attacks against his own people.

Coulter was not pleased:

She might be overreaching when it comes to her latest complaint. Because of the president, one of the Earth’s most unhinged dictators is now on a path toward denuclearization and peace.

It’s true illegals are still streaming across the border and our immigration system is a hot mess, but at least we don’t have to worry about being nuked by a “crazy fat kid.” That’s going to count for something, right?

Vivek Saxena


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