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Name of Milwaukee bar comes under fire in the #MeToo era … logo doesn’t help

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The #MeToo movement highlighting sexual abuse has a Milwaukee bar in its sights because of the establishment’s name.

The “Walk Her Inn, Drag Her Out” bar caught the attention of local resident Paress Huebner, who shared a photo of the bar’s sign on social media, according to Fox 6 — not helping matters, the sign features a cartoon caveman dragging a woman by her hair.


Clearly, in today’s politically correct world where sexual abuse is on the front page far too often, few find humor in the age-old characterization.

“A friend of mine showed it to me a month ago and I said ‘this exists? It’s 2018. This is insane,’” Huebner told the Fox affiliate.

“It’s, at the very least, unnecessary, at the most offensive,” she stated. “For whatever reason, I was like ‘let’s put it on Facebook,’ and something needs to be done and said because they just crossed the line.”

Diane Plumeri, who has owned the bar with her husband, Kristian, for nine years, does not see a reason to change the long-established name.

“If it is offensive, I apologize, but it’s been that way for over 30 years,” Plumeri said.

“I don’t find it offensive,” she added. “It’s a neighborhood establishment. Everyone is welcome to come in.”

Ironically, according to the husband, Diane was the one partial to keeping the name when the couple discussed changing it a while back.

Social media users weren’t so convinced there was a problem, as seen in a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Of course, one social media user had an excellent suggest for a new name for the joint:

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