Candace Owens challenges Trump-hating John Legend to a debate. Bets are leaning, he won’t bite

Candace Owens, the communications director for the conservative student group Turning Point USA, turned the Democrat Party’s world on its head with a slam of Black Lives Matter and its embrace of victimhood.  Owens’ epic rant gained support from rapper Kanye West that helped establishd the simple fact that black Americans do not have to be Democrats.

As expected, this earth-moving revelation didn’t come without push back, as seen when liberal singer/songwriter John Legend tried to pressure Kanye in a private text, telling him he is betraying people of color because of the harm Trump’s polices are doing.

“I hope you’ll reconsider aligning yourself with Trump,” Legend urged.

This coming from the celeb who told followers on Twitter not to call the police on black people because they “shoot us for no f*cking reason at all.”

But Owens refuses to let his assertion against Trump stand without a challenge, taking to Twitter to challenge Legend to a debate over the effects of the president’s policies.

She also let on that the liberal zealot had blocked her on the social media platform.

“Can someone please tell @johnlegend that I openly challenge him to a debate regarding his stance that Trump’s policies have harmed people of color but Obama’s policies didn’t? He has me blocked since his unstable wife attacked me, but I’d love to publicly debate him.”

The “unstable wife” being Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, who went off on an unhinged Twitter rant last year whining that she was suffering from “crippling anxiety” because of President Trump — Teigen said she needed to “up her meds” and demanded that Trump “pay my bill.”

The attack appears to be in reference to a tweet from the model, mentioning “phycho Tami Lasagna,” which is believed to be a play on Fox News host Tomi Lahren’s name, who Owens is sometimes compared to.

The reaction online showed few social media users believe Legend will summons the courage to debate an intelligent, committed conservative black women such as Owens — after all, why would he block her?

Here’s a sampling of the responses to Owen’s challenge from Twitter:

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