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Watch an old guy in a cowboy hat take down young thug with a gun

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An armed robber in Mexico was captured on a surveillance camera as he tried to rob a convenience store, only to be taken down by an old cowboy.

…who pulled the feat off without even stirring his sombrero de vaquero.

The attempted robbery took place on April 23, according to a Voice of America video, with the suspect seen on video pointing a gun at the cowboy, who was standing near the counter.

The gunman’s attention is distracted by a woman behind him, and as he turned his head toward her to tell her to leave, the old man seized the opportunity and sprang into action.

Coming up behind the robber, he knocks the gun to the floor and proceeds to corral the rascal, who doesn’t go down without a fight. A couple of what appears to be store employees join in the fray and eventually wrestle the crook to the ground.

And through it all, the good Samaritan’s cowboy hat stayed intact on his head. What an impressive feat!

The incident proved to be a feel-good moment for adept social media users, who just knew something was about to go down when the old cowboy removed his glasses.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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