Washington Post finally admits their resident ‘conservative’ isn’t really conservative

DCNFPeter Hasson, DCNF

The Washington Post is no longer describing its “conservative” blogger as conservative.

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Jennifer Rubin, The Post’s “Right Turn” blog author and an MSNBC contributor, is now “offering reported opinion from a center perspective,” The Post’s website states.

Since hiring Rubin in 2010, The Post had claimed Rubin offered a “conservative perspective” — a characterization that became harder and harder to defend as she became defined by her oppose-at-any-costs approach to President Donald Trump.

In October 2017, Rubin called on Congress to ban generals from serving in the White House in a civilian capacity. The discriminatory legislation was justified by Rubin’s complaints about White House chief of staff John Kelly, she said.

National Review editor Charles C.W. Cooke slammed Rubin as a fraud and hypocrite in a December 2017 column, “Jennifer Rubin Is Everything She Hates about Trump Worshippers.”

Rubin had flip-flopped on several issues, including the Paris Climate deal and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, since Trump took office, Cooke pointed out. In each instance, Rubin abandoned her previously held position to oppose Trump.

“The descriptions above Rubin’s byline have come to seem tragically misleading. Contrary to popular myth, she is not in fact writing from a ‘conservative perspective’ but as just one more voice among a host of Trump-obsessed zealots who add nothing to our discourse,” Cooke wrote. “In so doing, she does conservatism a sincere disservice.”

As of April 16, internet archives show, The Post was still passing Rubin off as a conservative. The Post began describing her as a centrist the next day.

 The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to both Rubin and The Post about the change but has yet to receive an explanation.

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