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Store cuts ties with YETI for ditching NRA; powerful public statement should serve as fair warning

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The funny thing about boycotts is that you never know which way they’ll go, or how fickle consumers and entrepreneurs will react.

In a move YETI probably didn’t expect when the company recently dropped The NRA Foundation as a client, NRA supporters began posting videos of themselves blowing up YETI coolers.

Competitors like Pelican jumped to capitalize on the controversy over gun rights by agreeing to donate $10 to the NRA for every cooler sold.

And retailers such as Ozark Sportsman Supply are ditching YETI products, with the company posting a statement on Facebook that it “will no longer support or sell Yeti company and their products.”

Ozark went on to directly address the political climate of the country and where it believes the majority stands:

“We can not in good conscience support a company that takes a stand against the rights of all Americans as Yeti has by pulling sponsorship from the NRA,” Ozark said in the statement. “By pulling their support from groups that fight for our rights Yeti has proven to be on the opposite side of the street from the conservative Majority at a crucial time in our country’s history.”

It’s not enough that Ozark decided to pull YETI products, as the statement said the merchandise will be boxed up and stored.

“We won’t put them on the streets at all. It’s a loss we will take in a show of Support for the NRA and their endeavors.”

Now that’s putting your convictions first.

YETI has since backtracked over the controversy, insisting the NRA’s claim that they dropped is “inaccurate,” with the company saying they’re just “eliminating a group of outdated discounting programs.”

“YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment,” the Texas company said in a statement, according to AL.com.

But the NRA stood firm behind their assertion, saying YETI is now “calling us liars.”

Tom Tillison


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